Tour Operator AuroraXplore

Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region

Company offers exclusive tours to the Kola Peninsula and the northern tundra for foreign travellers.

Welcome to the Kola Peninsula! Here you will see the real Russian winter. Our guests will be surrounded by huge expanses, there is only breathtaking beauty of northern nature, polar night, and the Northern Lights.

We will also provide active entertainments. In the village of Sami people (indigenous people of the Kola Peninsula) our tourists will ride a reindeer sled and try the local cuisine. We will introduce to our guests the real sports team of sled dogs (Alaskian and Siberian husky) and they’ll have the opportunity to ride with them.

And finally, the most beautiful natural phenomenon that people from all over the world want to see — Aurora Borealis. We organize tours to observe the Northern Lights with the best professional photographers so that our guests can keep their memories. This is just a small part of the opportunities we provide to you and your customers.

Let’s not forget that there is also a wonderful polar summer, the time when the sun does not go below the horizon, when the guests confused with a time of day and make photos with the clock against the sun-drenched city at 12 o’clock in the night. The northern tundra in summer is a real miracle and a godsend for any tourist with a camera. Fishing, hunting, hiking in the ancient Khibinskie mountains and other entertainments await, when tourists from all over the world as the real pioneers will make the first step from the plane to meet our guides.

Company is specialized in tours around of the Murmansk region and the Kola Peninsula.


Range of services

  • accommodation
  • transport
  • excursion support
  • food places
  • museums
  • activities
  • master classes


Advantages of the company

  • full support of tourists from the moment of meeting at the airport to the moment of departure from Murmansk, Apatity;
  • the largest fleet of high quality and comfortable touristic buses in the region;
  • strong and trusted cooperation with all partners of the tourism sphere in the region;
  • we provide winter clothes for rent for our guests
  • adaptation of the itineraries to the various needs of guests: budget, age, type of food and so on;
  • regardless of the size of the group capacity and its budget, we treat your tourists as our guests.



Our company provides assistance in obtaining a visa. We provide invitation letter for our guests, free of charge


Tourism is not about money, it’s about emotions!


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