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Buryatia, Okinsky District, Lake Baikal

The company specializes in tours to the Republic of Buryatia, Okinsky region, Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal:

  • Excursions Olkhon — Cape Khoboy, Cape Burkhan (Shamanka Rock), Ushkanyi Islands, Ogoy Island , BURYATSKAYA VILLAGE ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM, Lake Shara Nur, along the islands of the Small Sea, Horseriding.
  • Excursions South Baikal: Visit Center “Baikal Reserve”, Baikal Biosphere Reserve, Warm lakes of Hamar Daban, Mount Sable, Cape Shaman
  • Excursion Northern Baikal: Goudzhekit, Dagara Guba, Yarki Island, Ayaya Bay, Lake Frolikha, Nerp Rookery, Cape Kotelnikov, Khakusy
  • Listvyanka: Circum Baikal Railway, Chersky Stone, The Taltsy Museum, Chersky Stone, Shaman Stone, The Baikal Museum, Sandy Bay.

The republic of Buryatia: Shumak, Arshan, Eastern Sayan Mountains, Nilov Hermitage, Tarbagatai, Turk, Ivolginsky Datsan.

Okinsky district: Khoito-gol (Zhoigon), Valley of volcanoes, Saylag waterfall, lava fields


Range of services

  • Organization of tours
  • Accommodation, excursions
  • Insurance
  • Visa processing
  • Guide services


Advantages of the company

We offer customized services for all lake Baikal and the Buryatia Territory. Your Baikal dream trip isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s what we offer. We customize many of our vacations, so they are just right for you.

Our expert sales team know Baikal inside and out. You will receive assistance during your visit. We pride ourselves on providing fast, friendly, reliable service and helpful information based on your travel needs. And that makes the whole planning experience a lot easier and more fun for you!


CrossTour — it`s high time to travel!


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