Tatarstan (The Republic of Tatarstan)

Land of 1001 delight

Tatarstan is a land of wealth, peace and harmony. Here you will find an authentic way of life, with its own cuisine, music, fashion, art, architecture, hard-working and joyous people. Tatarstan defies the notions of East or West. It has its own character that is modern, colourful, rich, energetic and diverse, the Land of 1001 Delights.

Tatarstan lies in the centre of the country, 800 kilometres east of Moscow, on the greatest European river, the Volga. Tatarstan is a highly developed and attractive region of Russia.

Exciting events during the World Cup 2018

  • Colorful festival of spectators will take place near family center “Kazan” during the World Cup from 14 June till 15 July.

    Festival venue will become the official place to watch the football matches. Eating spots, interactive programs and football themed art installations will be arranged for all guests. Visitors will experience bright emotions, feel the spirit of unity and festive fun during matches and rest periods between them!
  • Tasty Kazan Food Festival will be held near family center “Kazan” from 17 till 19 June..

    Festival will gather together dozens of food service companies: restaurants and cafes of Kazan city. Guests and spectators will taste best dishes of new and old school, take part in cooking classes guided by famous chief cooks and simply enjoy the atmosphere of summer Kazan accompanied with pleasant background music. The festival is very well-liked among citizens and guests of the city: 45 thousands of people visited “Tasty Kazan” in 2017.
  • Sabantuy national holiday on 23 June

    The biggest and most long-awaited holiday for every Tatar. “Sowing celebration” (translated from Tatar language) was traditionally held before the planting season; at the present time holiday represents a happy celebration after the sowing’s over, when national songs and dances, facetious all comers and sporting competitions don’t stop.
    Main venues of the holiday will be the Birchwood near Mirny residential area and Kazan international equestrian center.

Special guided tours in the region during the World Cup 2018

Tours standard languages ― Russian and English. Tatar, German, Spanish, Arabian and Chinese speaking tour guides.

1. Kazan sightseeing bus tour with a visit to Kazan Kremlin (daily, 3 hours, RUS, ENG) ― 1 500 RUB ( ≈ 22 €).

2. Express bus city tour (2 hours, ENG, DEU, ESP) ― 1 350 RUB (≈ 20 €).

15.06 ―17.06 (ENG),

19.06 ― 21.06 (ENG, ESP),

23.06 ― 25.06 (ENG, ESP),

29.06 ― 1.07 (ENG, ESP),

5.07 ― 7.07 (ENG, ESP),

26.06 ― 28.06 (ENG, DEU)

3. Guided bus tours “Evening lights of Kazan” (2 hours, RUS, ENG) ― 1 200 RUB (≈ 18 €)


15.06― 17.06; 21.06 ― 23.06;

25.06; 26.06; 28.06; 29.06;

1.07; 3.07 ― 5.07; 7.07; 8.07

4. Bauman Street and Kazan Kremlin walking tour (2 hours, RUS, ENG ) ― 600 RUB (≈ 9 €)

Dates: 16.06; 18.06; 22.06;

23.06; 25.06; 26.06; 29.06;

2.07 ― 5.07; 8.07

5. Old Tatar Settlement walking tour (2 hours, RUS, ENG) ― 600 RUB (≈ 9 €)

Dates: 16.06; 18.06;

20.06; 22.06 ― 8.07

6. Sviyazhsk Island City bus tour (8 hours, RUS, ENG) ― 3 200 RUB (≈ 46 €), lunch included.

Dates: 22.06; 4.07

7. Raifa Monastery and Temple of all religions bus tour (3 hours, RUS, ENG) ― 1 500 RUB (≈ 22 €).

Dates: 18.06; 20.06; 24.06;

27.06; 30.06; 2.07; 6.07.

8. Sviyazhsk Island City and Temple of all religions bus tour (6 hours, RUS, ENG) ― 2 500 RUB (≈ 36 €)

Dates: 14.06-17.06; 19.06;

21.06; 23.06; 25.06; 26.06;

28.06; 29.06; 1.07; 3.07;

5.07; 7.07; 8.07.

9. Theatrical folk show “Kazan” with national dinner (RUS, ENG (subtitles)) ― adult ticket 1 700 RUB (≈ 25 €), child ticket 1 500 RUB (≈ 22 €).

Dates: 15.06; 19.06;

23.06; 26.06; 5.07. Start at 19:00.

Dishes to try in Tatarstan

Tatarstan cuisine is known for its brightness and variety of flavours. Feasts are the great part of Tatarstan national culture and they’re given special attention. Traditional Tatar cuisine plays a strong role in gastronomy that Tatarstan has to offer.


Legend has it that echpochmak emerged together with invasion of Tatar Mongol Yoke for which it was a camping food: small triangular pasties have been dried out and, right after a lingering overnight horseback riding, a warrior covered it with hot water through the hole on top and after five minutes he got first and second courses in one — a pie with rich broth inside.


Qistibi — fried unleavened flat cakes with mashed potato or porridge (usually millet) — are equally ancient and very simple in cooking and served as garniture for second courses.

Noodle soup

In Tatar culinary, noodle soup has a national inflection and is called ‘Tokmach’. Noodles are cooked according to a special technique: dough is rolled into a thin layer and then cut manually. Traditionally, such soup making is one of the future bride obstacles: the thinner and more well-worked are — the more skilful the hostess is.


Horses were raised not only for household purposes: horse meat was consumed boiled, salted and charqued, and was the base for kazy (sausage). Till the present day, kazy is considered as a real specialty on the table of Tatar people.


Trademark of Tatarstan and best souvenir is the sweet and honey chak-chak. It ismade of small pieces or stripes of dough, stuck together with honey topping and formed in cakes, cone- or round-shaped pastry that can be stored for a long time.

Talkysh kalyave

This Tatar sweet reminds of cotton candy, but is made of natural honey instead of sugar. Small and thick pyramids with honey and drawn butter flavour are extremely sweet, melt in mouth and will give everyone incomparable pleasure.

You can taste the traditional dishes based on the old Tatar recipes in restaurants such as Dom Tatarskoy Kulinarii (Tatar Gourmet House), Tatarskaya Usadba (Tatar Manor) and Tugan avylym (“native village” in Tatar language), and also in one of the Tubetey restaurants of the first Tatar fast food chain.

It is most convenient to buy edible souvenirs in one of the supermarkets of “Bakhetle” food retail chain. The chain stores are located almost in every Kazan district, as well near Kazan central railway station.


  • Locally manufactured clothes: leather goods ― bags painted in national patterns and ichigi boots (traditional Tatar shoes), kerchiefs and skullcaps with Tatar pattern.
  • Handmade pieces of jewelry.
  • Fur coats produced at famous Kazan manufactory “Melita”.
  • Treats-souvenirs — chak-chak (pieces of dough fried in oil and dredged in honey) and kazy, specialty horse meat sausage.
  • Alcoholic and souvenir products by local producer “Tatspirtprom” at a flagship museum shop “Arush-Mae”.
  • Bright and stylish branded souvenirs by Visit Tatarstan!

Transport accessibility

You can reach Kazan by plane, train, bus or river motorship.

  • Plane. Tatarstan is connected with scheduled flights with many cities of Russia. There are about 18 flights handled from Moscow to Kazan per day (travel time — 1 hour 15 minutes), from Saint Petersburg — 2 flights (travel time — 2 hours).

International airlines such as Aeroflot, Finnair, flydubai, Air Astana, Turkish Airlines, Czech Airlines, airBaltic, etc, are operating in and out of Kazan.

Kazan International Airport is located in 15 km away from the city, the taxi ride will take not longer than 45 minutes. Airport has 3 terminals (VIP terminal including).

  • Railway. Kazan’s main railway station is situated in the city center. All trains to Moscow leave in the evening (from 16:00) and arrive in the capital in the morning. There is also a Tatarstan branded train shuttled from Moscow to Kazan.

Over 500 additional train formations will be involved during the World Cup. Guests of the city will have the opportunity to travel by train for free with spectator passport (FAN ID) at hand.

  • Water transport. The Volga River, Europe’s biggest transportation artery, is crossing the territory of Tatarstan, and, along with the Kama river, forming the deep water river system. Kazan can be reached waterway from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ufa, Astrakhan and other Russian cities.
  • Bus. Kazan is well connected with other cities of the Republic of Tatarstan and nearby regions by bus. Bus services are available from Kazan bus terminals to Naberezhnye Chelny, Chistopol, Nizhnekamsk, Bugulma, Almetyevsk, Bavly, Ufa, Sterlitamak, Ulyanovsk, Samara, Orenburg, Cheboksary, Buzuluk and others with a daily frequency.

Types of tourism

  • Guided tours are extremely popular in Kazan, as well as trips from the city (Raifa Monastery, The Island-Town of Sviyazhsk) and to other cities of the republic (the Great Bolgar, Tetushi, Yelabuga and Chistopol).
  • Rich national cuisine forms a basis to develop the gastronomy tourism.
  • Multiple entertainments for family leisure: the largest in Russia Riviera waterpark, planetarium, oceanarium, children’s railway and KIDSPACE, the town of professions for children.
  • Developed wellness industry: Luciano, a SPA resort of European standards and holder of Perfect Spa Award as “Perfect Spa Hotel 2016”, is located in Kazan; modern health resorts and therapeutic centers are opened throughout the republic.
  • MICE tourism in Kazan: hotels have over 80 halls with a capacity of from 20 to 1 400 seats for conferences.

Kazan main attractions

  • Kazan Kremlin
  • Old Tatar Quarter
  • Bauman Street
  • Kremlin riverwalk
  • Kazan Agricultural Palace
  • Kazan Wedding Palace
  • Bogoroditsky Monastery
  • Kazan Federal University
  • Museum of Soviet Life
  • Museum of Chak-Chak
  • Ekiyat Puppet Theatre
  • Temple of All Religions


Today, there are over 220 hotels in Tatarstan, and half of them are situated in Kazan: 3 hotel of 5* category, 19 hotels of 4* and 33 hotels of 3*, including the world’s famous hospitality brands such as Park Inn by Radisson, Ibis, Ramada и DoubleTree by Hilton, along with 130 budget hotels and hostels.

The cost of accommodation varies from 9 (in hostel) to 150 euro per person.

Tour operators who organise tours in region

Kazan Travel Agency, Lider Kazan, Persona Grata, Premiera,

Skyland, Sputnik-Trans-Service-Kazan, Travel&Work, Kazan Tourist Information Centre, Tulpan Travel.


Sergey Ivanov
Chairman of the State Committee on Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan
The contact persons
Aidar Khasanov
+7 (843) 222-90-36
Aigul Balakhontseva
+7 (843) 222-90-35
Anastasia Shakhtina
+7 (843) 222-90-38
Roman Kubyshkin
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